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Consultancy Services

Our skills, experience and resources provide clients with services and solutions in applications-driven, information handling consultancy from data and needs assessment to desktop delivery of information.

With the speed of development in underlying technologies and in the tools available to the user there is an accelerating global demand for independent and professional geomatics consultancy. We respond to and service these demands particularly for the civil engineerng, environmental, geoscience and natural resource sectors.

Our expertise is the provision of solutions to information management problems through the simple tenet of identifying, understanding and fulfilling client needs. Our stems from the depth of knowledge and understanding of the organisational, analytical and management tools and methods that are critical to the successful adoption of advanced information handling technologies, irrespective of the application.

The execution of such programmes and projects requires:

  • needs assessment
  • systems analysis
  • procurement
  • sample surveys
  • bench-marking
  • applications development
  • customisation
  • web implementation and serving of data and information over the internet
  • user requirements analysis
  • project and objective definition
  • data acquisition/capture
  • feasibility and pilot studies
  • implementation & management
  • training
  • evaluation

as well as an in-depth appreciation of the needs and constraints surrounding any given implementation. We offer a vital blend of practical experience, in-house human and technical resources and management expertise to deliver the right solution.

In this period of rapid transition in the world of geomatics and information handling our experts provide the experience, knowledge and support to guide the unwary through the maze of strategies and options for delivery of successful solutions that reflect the needs of the client. This can only be achieved owing to our unparalleled breadth of knowledge, experience and creativity in the new tools and technologies (including image web serving and internet map serving) that enables us to recognise customer needs and develop creative, interactive and innovative customer focussed solutions.